iPhone XR Crystal Clear Glass Case

Note: You're currently at the product page of phone cover for iPhone XR instead of iPhone X. The purpose of the video below is just to show you the look and feel for the crystal clear glass case in general.

Slim fit glass cover with an impact resistant frame designed to show the original beauty of iPhone XR.


  • Toughened Back Cover: Made of 9H tempered glass for a luxurious look and feel, the back cover can resists scratches and dis-coloration, preserving the natural beauty of your iPhone.
  • Reinforced Bumper: The TPU bumper frame absorbs and dissipates force away from your iPhone, safeguarding your phone from accidental bumps and occasional drops.
  • Raised Front Bezel: The top lip around the case sufficiently covers the face edge of the iPhone, it will share most of the force from the impact, therefore it will protect your screen.
  • Quality Material: Designed without any material that will block your GPS, Wi-Fi, or mobile signal; Compatible with wireless charging.