EasyAccess 2.0 RFID Blocking PU Leather Wallet

RM 59.00

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  • Easy card access – Instant card access at the click of a button. Stores up to 8 cards in total; the built-in aluminum cardholder stores 4-6, depending on the number of embossed cards, and the pocket strap holds 2 additional cards.
  • Cash compartment - Comes with compartments to hold both bank notes and coins.
  • Premium materials – Made of high quality aluminium and PU leather that offers a premium touch and feel.
  • RFID protection – The integrated RFID blocking technology safeguards your cards from skimmers, keeping you protected against the growing risk of electronic pickpockets.
  • Small and pocket-friendly - Unlike traditional wallet, the small design of this wallet makes it very pocket friendly and prevent the torn card issue that happens when traditional wallet is placed in back pocket and sit on.